On November 27, 2019, a meeting was held in Tartu to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the functioning of the Collaborative Network for European Clinical Trial for Children ( c4c - connect 4children) .
Prof. Mark Turner from the UK and Dr Ricardo Fernandes from Portugal and members of the Estonian Paediatric Research Group  participated in the discussion.  At the meeting, Prof. Irja Lutsar, Prof. Tuuli Metsvaht, Dr Katrin Kaarna (Head of the Clinical Research Centre) and Dr Mari Laan gave an overview of the current situation of paediatric clinical trials in Estonia. 

At the open meeting, there were specialists in pediatric research  - pediatricians and nurses - from both Tartu and Tallinn. We are glad our meeting was interesting to Ulla Raid, the memebr´s of  Ministry of Social Affairs and to Ade Kallas-Kivi, the representative of the Estonian Research Council.  

The topics of the  meeting generated a lively response from the participants. It was a pleasure to hear that, based on our activities, Prof Turner called team ELAV as "a dream hub".