Prof Irja Lutsar, PhD Tuuli Metsvaht, PhD Piia Jõgi  and MD Heli Rajasaar attended  meeting of c4c (COllaborative Network for European Clinical Trials For Children - conect for children) in Lisbon on April 02.-04. 2018.

Tuuli participated in lectures and workshops related to the creation of a database.  The aim is not to duplicate existing databases, but to create significant added value from the point of view of the clinical trials of children.  The key word was agile (AGILE) development, which would allow you to go with time flexibly.  Discussions included database impact measurement capabilities, possible sharing of collected data (eCRF), Cross Cutting Pediatric Data Dictionary - what it should include, and a number of other regulatory and organizational issues.

Piia and Heli attended a National Hub meeting where c4c teams introduced their activities and achievements. At the meeting, an academic platform was created on the c4c website to participate in a CGP Pediatric Training Certificate. Mark Turner gave an overview of the selection of c4c pilot projects. Estonia participates in two pan-European studies. There was also a debate of the Children's Research Network when the funding of the European Commission ends.