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European Study of Neonatal Excipient Exposure (ESNEE): Study of excipient kinetics in neonates

Description: ESNEE project aimed to provide an integrated assessment of exposure among neonates in Europe to potentially toxic excipients.
Main objectives:
  • to undertake a comprehensive European questionnaire and point prevalence study of excipient exposure in neonates; 
  • to conduct a systematic review 
  • to develop EK models for selected excipients Observational case-controlled study. 
Primary outcome measures: To develop pilot excipient kinetic models to indicate how much of each selected excipient is in the bloodstream of babies who have been given medicines containing those excipients.



Link: http://www.infantjournal.co.uk/pdf/inf_042_ien.pdf


Project's status: Finished

Tegelased 3