Tegelased 3

Treatment of late onset bacterial sepsis caused by vancomycin susceptible bacteria in neonates and infants aged under three months

  • NeoVanc 1: To define the preclinical Pharmacokinetic (PK) / Pharmacodynamic (PD) relationships for vancomycin against clinically relevant Gram positive pathogens in hollow fibre infection and laboratory animal models and bridge the results to human neonates. 
  • NeoVanc 2: To conduct a population PK meta-analysis of all available neonatal vancomycin data and define in collaboration with NeoVanc 1, a new optimal vancomycin dosing regimen.
  • NeoVanc 3: To compare a new improved "Optimal" vancomycin dosing regimen with an accepted European standard of care regimen in a Phase II RCT in terms of efficacy and safety.

Funding: European Commission, under the FP7 programme

EUDRA-CT: 2015-000203-89

Link: www.neovanc.org

  • University of Tartu; Tartu University Hospital
  • Tallinn Children's Hospital

Project's status: Recruitment of patients has been started

Tegelased 3