Tegelased 3

Conference presentations

  • Soeorg 2017. The role of staphylococci of breast milk in gut colonisation and development of late-onset sepsis in preterm neonates
  • Parm 2017. Gram - negative opportunistic microorganisms colonising the skin and gut of neonates and breast milk of their mothers
  • Kõivumägi 2017. Two-year experience with rotavirus vaccination in Estonia: changes in the epidemiology and etiology of acute gastroenteritis in hospitalised patients aged 0-18
  • Kõivumägi 2017. Epidemiology and etiology of hospitalised acute gastroenteritis following introduction of RV vaccination in Estonia
  • Lutsar 2017. Antibiotic trials in Paediatrics: NeoMero and NeoVanc
  • Lutsar 2015. Antifungal Tratment inNeonates