Kõik huvilised on oodatud seminarile 6. märtsil 2017.a. algusega kell 10.15.
Ettekande teeb Dr Catherine Tuleu (Londoni ülikool, Farmaatsia kool) teemal: 
„Evidence-based paediatric formulations“ („Tõenduspõhised pediaatrilised
ravimpreparaadid“). Seminar toimub Farmaatsia instituudis (Nooruse 1, ruum 707). 
Seminar toimub inglise keeles.

Dr Catherine Tuleu from the University College London School of Pharmacy will give a
seminar: „Evidence-based paediatric formulations“ on the 6th of March, 2017 at 10.15
at the Institute of Pharmacy (Nooruse 1, room 707).
All are welcome!

Short overview and CV:
Dr Catherine Tuleu will lay out the R&D challenges towards better medicines for
children. She will describe the legislative changes that require sensory evaluation
of pharmaceutical products, focusing on the acceptability and palatability. She will
introduce non-human tools such as the rodent brief-access taste aversion model  that
may provide solutions in this area in the future.
Dr Catherine Tuleu is a Reader in Pharmaceutics at the University College London
School of Pharmacy and one of the few leading expert in developing paediatric
medicines.  Her research  inherently translational, ranges from formulation, process
and methodology development to clinical implementation, integrating the following
topics: Safety and Toxicity of Excipients for Paediatrics; Formulating better
medicines for children (reformulation, repurposing); Development of innovative age
appropriate dosage forms especially for under 5s; Administration issues
(co-administration with food/beverages) and devices; Taste assessment (in vitro, in
vivo) and acceptability / likability of dosage forms.
Her work encompasses industry, hospitals and other academic units as collaborators.
It is supported by research grants from the EPSRC, MRC, Innovate UK, NIHR, the
European Commission, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and others. She also chairs
the European Paediatric Formulation Initiative as well as acting as an expert
advisor to the UK Medicines and Health Products Regulatory Agency and the EMA.  In
2015 Dr Tuleu received the UK Academy of Pharmaceutical Science award and she was
listed in the top 2 of The Medicine Maker magazine 2016 Power List of the 100 most
influential people in drug development for her work in the field of paediatric drug